A Small Group of People presents The PioneersClub

The Pioneers Club is a concept inspired in the education model expressed on the Socratic method, where we try to offer an educational platform with no walls, gender-discrimination or age-classification.
It’s a platform where interest, motivation, together with the creative power on finding ingenious perspectives and techniques is treated as the foundation of education.
The linear process of education where viewpoint are enforced, limited and regulated is known as indoctrination... in contrast to most schools we believe that like the mind; education should be flexible, versatile and none linear.
The effectiveness of your learning curve can increase when working together with other minds eager to learn more, see more and give more.

The first stage of this project is to raise the level of awareness, by presenting projects that invites the pubic to get involved, trusting that this will elevate curiosity and interest; we are hoping that the initiative of the public allows gatherings to take place and organize other projects that have a real value in society.

The following values are what makes this team so great.

Welcome to The Pioneers Club!

"I trust in my ability to think, I have faith in my intuition and my heart, I will do my best on helping others. I am a champion for peace and prosperity and this is why I will not surrender to fear; since I am creative and well-intended, I will continue to do my best in everything I do.
I will keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight"

Pioneers are...

Today we are bombarded with competitive values, when we should be encouraging collaboration.
Everything has a learning curve and that process varies from person to person, it is fundamental to understand that humbleness is an asset for education; it allows people to perform without having to fear for their appearance, while letting others achieve their goal with less interruptions.

As a result humble people are patient and learn faster.

We are Humble.

Reliability, trustworthiness, dependability and truthfulness are words that are closely connected to each other; but is your ability to envision the future, that determine your chances of holding up to these words... if the right decisions take place.
For example: if you promise or commit on showing up somewhere in the morning to help fix something, it is unwise to get drunk the night before; and not knowing anything about what you are intending to fix is not better.
Failing to foresee the consequences of your decisions can in turn make you seem as an unreliable person, but don’t let one event determine your appearance; learn from the experience and foresee the future with more accuracy next time.
But there are other ways to be reliable; to know that a person will not intentionally harm you, take things from you or talk badly behind you... is to know a reliable person.
The consistency of your efforts is what determines your reliability.

We are Reliable.

Some people confuse loyalty with obedience; loyalty is the ability to establish a commitment and give priority to such decision. You might face a situation where your morality is challenged after you have made a decision, but if this information was obscured when the commitment was made, not following through is not disloyalty. The most important commitment you can make is to yourself, you should determine by your own, what standards you are to live for, and have faith in your intuition.
As Pioneers we are pre-committed to do our best on celebrating the values presented here, and we are an exceptional club for doing so.

We are Loyal.

More often than not we nag on how selfish people are, we understand the power of influence of our actions; helping others and willingly offer your assistance can change the paradigms and influence the mind of those around you, and maybe even encouraging them to act as you do.

Pioneers do a good turn daily!

We are helpful.

We are not hypocrites, being friendly is not about saying what other people want to hear without meaning it; a true friend understands that sincerity is far more valuable than diplomacy or political correctness; but is important to also know the difference between sincerity and rudeness.
We are friendly in terms of care; we empathize and value others; as pioneers we extend our borders of friendship to all the living.

We are friendly.

There is a quote that says “we rise by lifting others”, and this is true on many levels; but kindness is also a matter of awareness; awareness is what protects good intentions from becoming bad actions.
As Pioneers we try to do our best on helping , being gentile and caring for one another.
We inform ourselves wisely, so our engagement can serve according to what we intended.

Pioneers do a random act of kindness daily!

We are kind.

Fake it until you make it! This is true for cheerfulness... acting happy can lead to joy. A smile is a very powerful action; not getting a smile sometimes can hurt, and getting one can make wonders.
Being cheerful is more than just smiling, is about learning how to control perspectives, where you try to validate the positive aspects of life, even if you are surrounded by miserable circumstances... it is indeed difficult to do sometimes, but like everything, you'll get better with practice.
As Pioneers we are aware that your body heals faster with a happy mindset, in turn making you a more capable person.
Your smile and joyful mind can help heal the sorrows of the world.

We are cheerful.

Fear is advertised every day everywhere, is the number-one selling strategy in the world; a Pioneer will not ask anyone to be fearless, but instead to act according to their values, even when scared.
Stand for what you believe in; sometimes is hard to stand-up in front of a crowd that works against you, or when intimidation techniques are applied by authorities. Don’t let fear take the best of you!
You are valuable just the way you are!
We all gain so much from your bravery... your example can be inspiring.
Speak your mind and embrace your spirit.

We are brave.

Questioning alone is not enough; a Pioneer investigates thoroughly and does not rely on rumors; this allows them to present excellent questions that will in turn lead to new and more sophisticated views. The more you investigate a subject the more you understand that you don’t know.
Pioneers are proactive. They create their own path through dedication, willpower and discipline.

No-one can teach you anything, they can only help you think.
It's your job to find valuable sources to learn from to create a path in which you can grow.

We stays curious!