It's about time we make a difference!

Believing that your privacy is compromised by both legal and illegal practices is not paranoia.
All sorts of applications these-days are free, as they compromise your personal information with mediocre or hacked software.
It's been said that governments are there to serve the people; but it's us, the people... who serves and work for the government.
The current administration assists corporations by allowing their secrecy to be rewarded, while individuals are abused in the name of profit.

We live in a system that is flawed, arrogant and invasive...
Not everybody recognizes this... but this project is reaching out to those who do.

We are not looking for vengeance; we are here to claim that the world has something much better to offer. We believe that following in the footsteps of those before us is not always the best way to move forward.
Join us in this journey that gives your creativity and inventive a chance.
Help us bring curiosity, care, and understanding in to the reality of social engagement.

Pioneers are Humble, Reliable, Loyal, Helpful Friendly, Kind, Cheerful Brave and Curious!


Work together!

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