We are welcoming experts, amateurs and newbies to this creativity workshop/get-together; if you are interested on working with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, 3D printers or would like to create your own version of Kano or Pi-top, then this is the right project for you; but we also are inviting those who have reviewed these values and would like to take part on this evolving project.

You should know that...
There is no leader or any person responsible for these gatherings, no one will give you a tour or introduce you; and there will be no host waiting for Pioneers.
What you might find are people with similar interest working on “their things” at the same location as you.
The communication-cards are great to help create a self-organizing group, it is our symbol of unity.
In time we will organize projects intended to uplift the life quality of the public.

So where do we meet?

We meet at libraries!
We recommend that you get yourself a library-card; you can use this card to get access to the library outside of staffed opening hours.

What this website offers is a virtual way of organizing a group; showing a day and time in witch to meet that matches the participants propositions.
Although there are "20" libraries, we will select 3 libraries, suggesting a place to meet in the morning, midday and at night.

For more information click on the map

For now, try to meet up at the days/hours suggested and get acquainted, invite a friend, read or just come here to do your personal work. You might recognize who is part of the Club through the communication cards, or by encountering the same people repeatedly.

We believe that getting together benefits the process of creation, although in some cases it can be disruptive; like when trying to finish some work and someone is interrupting by kindly asking you questions, this can be frustrating at times.
The communication-cards help avoid unnecessary hinders, these lanyard end badges set the type of interaction you would like to have; Green indicates that you are open for interaction, White means neutral (same as not having any color) and Red states that you would like to be uninterrupted.

We appreciate that participants act accordingly to the selected Communication-Card Color:

Green: I am open for interaction
White: Neutral
Red: I would like to keep to myself.

We meet every Friday!

Consult the map for more information.