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Many of those who have entered these waters are now in prison, even worse there are numerous whistleblowers with enough credibility that have died from freak accidents before their statement; and if you end up agreeing with the information you are about to see, you are risking to be ridiculed by the media, consequently socially outcast.
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September 11 terror attacks

the 9 / 11 commission offered one of the faultiest official statements; they covered up evidence and proposed a incoherent set of events that left thousands of engineers and scientist dazzled. Why did the US government and the media deceive their public in such way is one thing; but why did the rest of the world allow them to go unquestioned is a subject that is yet to be investigated.

Moon landing

1969 Moon Landing

In 1957 the Russians announced their artificial satellite orbiting earth. Sputnik became the headlines of newspapers around the world; initiating the space race and the war of technology, one year later 1958 NASA was founded; in 1959 Antarctic-treaty took place, were 53 states including Russia and USA signed an agreement that establishes freedom of scientific investigation and banded military activity on that continent; this was made effective in 1961 were rules of high altitude photography were made, but this did not stop the space race and in 1969 the US managed to leave the alleged lower earth orbit and land 3 men on the moon.
Some believe that this was a propaganda organized by 53 countries, where the US will appear as the conspirator; today many believe that we have never landed on the moon, making the greatest achievement of mankind a hoax.


WWII Holocaust

This is one of the most dangerous topics to touch; after the Second World War there has been such massive agenda in making evident the aggression Germans had toward the Jewish people that today the Jewish community are victims of one of the most violent genocides. In search for answers historians have tried to investigate the dynamics of how these incidents took place, the logistic of gas transportation, body displacement and numerous technical challenges; but till this day, this information is off limits. And being a skeptical in this subject can have terrible social consequences, some historians have faced jail-time for researching such subject.

Believe in your ability to think and stay curious!

Conspiracy theorist is nothing more than a derogatory tittle to dismiss a critical thinker.


Does your own research, learn about the Socratic Method, and use the scientific method as a system to validate your accepted truth.

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