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This material might change the way you view Education

Education is the inevitable consequence of the presence of your mind; what many argue is that schools are not serving the purpose of mental growth or education, but instead mental indoctrination. AKA mass social imprisonment; these are strong allegations and they should be reviewed with caution.


Branding is all about selling values.

Advertisement has the ability to present a set of values a reality of the past and the future; making it a powerful educational platform.
Many believe that the influence of advertisers is not perceived by the masses, allowing those who can manipulate the mainstream media to misuse their power with no resistance.

War on drugs

The war on drugs is a subliminal warfare that targets money and everyone else takes the price.

The complexity of this war has blinded the public from reason, and offered resentment as a replacement; hopefully the following videos will offer a perspective that opens doors for care and understanding.

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I jsut sued the school system !!!

How to escape education's death valley -Sir Ken Robinson

Click HERE for the animated version.

World of Ideas Isaac Asimov

Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young

The Sexualization of Women in Media

TV Mind Control Documentary

CIA Mind Control Research Human Experiments

Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

Click HERE for the animated version.

Terence Mckenna on Drugs

The Prison System -Noam Chomsky