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The information presented here implies that the media is not informing the people about the most relevant issues affecting us today, and that instead they are addressing corporate needs and power driven agendas.
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Oil Hoax

Some people believe that Oil is abundant; they state that the industry attaches oil to something scares to increase profit; they claimed that John D. Rockefeller figured the hoax early on, all the way back to when whale Oil was a thing and made a marked on saving whales, extracting Oil from petroleum seep and moved rapidly to what we have now... Thousand meters depth drilled Oil or fossil fuel.
Your investigation is what determines your believes, not investigating at all will leave you exactly where you are. The question is; do you think your believes will be the same if you dig dipper?
Stay curious!

Evolution theory

Some people think that the Evolution theory is a Hypothesis

The following videos, exposes some of the reasons why there are so many that don’t believe in Darwinism.

Global Warming

Now known as climate change

For many this is an incontrovertible truth; but why are so many respected scientists putting their carrier at risk to claim that it is a hoax?

Thanks for being curious!

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Do your own research and scrutinize all information as if it would be false; do not believe what you are presented without validating the information using the scientific method, or most importantly applying what is known as Socratic method.

Oil Hoax Intro

How Big Oil Conquered the World

The process to oil -Educational video

Evolution Hoax

Part 1 of 2

Dinosaur Rush

Global Warming?

Food industry not mentioned by environmentalists

Giaever's speech at the Nobel Laureates meeting