I assume that by now you know that terms and conditions is a way for corporations to do what they see right with your “approval”, is common that they see right to collect all the information obtainable to ensure a better service, including key logs, browsing history, last IP interactions and in occasions even personal content like your email content and files found on your harddisk; all that so you can play angry birds, or say hi to a friend on facebook.
The pretext could be that the terms and conditions are to avoind getting legal prosecution for some content that viewer disapproves on.
Note: For the record, we are not in charge of your life, and we are not accountable for your acctions nor decisions in life.
This site offers links to short films, documentaries and courses.
The algorithmic gate keepers of today will offer you hundred million results on any topic; we don’t. We select and organize a few.
Our objective is to bring you interesting, educational and informative videos made by passionate people.
We apologize upfront for linking you to sites like youtube that come with adverticement, but know that by no means are we intrestead in giving comertial adverticement, trivial or shallow content.
For those that are looking for ways to remove addverticement from the browser, take a look at AdBlockPluss Here is a short video of how other companies generally dealt with terms and conditions.